Matador Original Jerky

Original Jerky

The one and only Original — spiced, smoked, and tenderized to perfection — it’s a man amongst jerkies.

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Matador Teriyaki Jerky

Teriyaki Jerky

Inspired by the tastes of Asia, enjoyed by the taste buds of America.

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Matador Peppered Jerky

Peppered Jerky

No fuss. No frills. Just bold, smoky jerky, with a little bit of pepper.

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Matador Sweet & Hot Jerky

Sweet & Hot Jerky

Some call it “sweet.” Others call it “hot.” Other others call it “swot.” Don’t do that. Just call it “Sweet & Hot Jerky.”

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Matador Mild Snack Stick

Mild Snack Stick

Don’t let the title fool you: this bold, flavor-filled man fuel is anything but “Mild.”

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Matador Original Snack Stick

Original Snack Stick

Original flavor, in a really original shape. Get the smoky deliciousness of Matador Original in stick form.

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Matador FLAMIN’ HOT<sup>®</sup> SNACK STICK


Introducing the stick with a little kick. Flamin’ Hot® Snack Sticks are not for the faint of tongue.

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Matador Teriyaki Snack Strip

Teriyaki Snack Strip

Stick this strip of Teriyaki deliciousness in your belly and get back to the business of taking care of business.

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Matador Original Snack Strip

Original Snack Strip

The snack strip that started it all. Contains protein, so you can get started on whatever manly work needs to get done in your vicinity.

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